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Straw Pellet Machine & Grass Pelletizer Machine
Published:2016/12/21 Read: 485 times
Straw Pellet Machine & Grass Pelletizer Machine
As we all know, the original design of flat die pellet machine are used for processing feedstuff. But through our client’s feedback and diligent research, flat die pellet machine is applied in processing wood sawdust, straw, different kinds of stalks, grass, etc.  wood pellet mill use the extrusion pressure between the roller and the flat die, and use the friction between the raw material and the die holes. the diameter of the final fuel pellet is 2–10mm, the length can be adjusted automatically according to your own requirement. Wood pelletizer machine is base on biomass crop straw as the main raw materials like corn stalk,wheat straw,rice straw,sawdust and so on.The wood pelletizer machine used in wood pellet plant alway adopts ring die pellet mill.
Vertical Ring die  pellet mill have high efficiency in producing pellets. the final pellets  mainly used as straw fuel for stove.

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Specification of straw pellet machine

Model Power(kw) Capacity(kg/h) Out Dimension (mm) Weight(kg)
TCZL2-250 15 100-200 1400*600*1000 470
TCZL2-280 22 200-300 1400*620*1100 700
TCZL2-300 30 300-400 1550*650*1250 760
TCZL3-350 37 300–500 1900*850*1750 1700
TCZL3-450 55 500–800 2300*1100*1900 2100
TCZL3-550 90 800–1000 2350*1000*2050 2800
TCZL3-850 130 1500–2500 2500*1100*3000 3100

Features of straw pellet machine

*High cost performance
*High production capacity
*To change the die with diameter of 2–6mm, the sawdust pellet machine can be used to make poultry feed pellet.
*raw materials:sunflower shell,stalk meal,straw meal,grass meal,alfalfa,rice husk,wheat bran,peanut shell,corn cob etc.