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Biomass pellet machine have good effect on environment
Published:2016/07/09 Read: 481 times

Environmental benefits of biomass pellet machine is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1.The production of biomass pellet machine pellet fuel instead of coal and other conventional energy sources, to reduce emissions of air pollutants, effectively improve the urban and rural air quality of the environment. Biomass particles in coal sulfur content of less than 1/10 of an alternative to coal combustion can effectively reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide in the atmosphere; the biomass combustion CO2 discharged during its growth process in photosynthesis absorbed as many, so look from the perspective of recycling, biomass combustion to air CO2 net emissions to zero.

2.After the burning of solid waste comprehensive utilization
Ash can be recycled to make potash, and "straw - fuel - fertilizer" in circulation.

3.Reasonable dispose of crops, reducing the impact on the environment
Only straw is concerned, China's annual production of straw weight of about 706 million tons. If the straw and other crop waste natural decay, will produce large amounts of methane, is generally considered greenhouse gas methane is 21 times that of carbon dioxide. The crops to make fuel waste, both turning waste into treasure, conserve resources, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect the environment.

The state encourages the development of environmental protection enterprises such as biomass pellet mill to achieve a good turning waste into treasure, local materials, local production, and with energy saving, environmental protection and other effects features. Currently there are biomass pellet production process and other problems that restrict the sustainable economic development. Biomass pellet machine to ease China's energy shortage and environmental pollution is significant, so the development of this industry have a lot of space.