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Pellet Making

Wood Chipper

Wood chipper is used to make wood chips, wood pieces which specially designed for round logs, square blocks and so on.

Hammer Mill

The multifunctional hammer mill is the most ideal equipment to grind all kinds of sawdust, wood chips, stalks, straws, husk, shells, board, rubber, etc.

Rotary Dryer

The series machine reduce the water content through the hot air from the stove,make the big moisture decrease the low moisture.

Pellet Mill

Pellet mills are the machines which can make fine powder such as sawdust, corn powder into pellets for fuel, feed and fertilizer.It can be used for wood,sawdust,straw,stalk,rice husk,corn,weeds,home waste,factory reject and so on crude fiber granulation pelleting

Cooling Equipment

Cooling equipment is mainly used for cooling finished pellets with high temperature.The temperature of pellets after cooling is not +5°C higher than room temperature

Packing Equipment

Packing machine can measure weight and pack bags automatically , there is weight sensor and adjustor.The weight can be adjusted from 10kg to 50kg ,when falling down pellets to bags, it can measure weight automatically .The pellet falling down to bags speed can be adjusted also

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